Brazil // Boa Vista Valley

Boa Vista Valley

Farm: Jacon, Zani, and Dos Santos Families
Producer: FAF Coffees
Region: Caconde, Sao Paolo
Country: Brazil
Coordinates: 21.5289° S, 46.6439° W
Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Nuovo
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1200-1300msl

Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (Environmental Fortress Farm) is the premier coffee farm in Brazil and a leader amongst the international coffee community.  This is our oldest producer relationship, dating back to our humble beginnings in the early 2000s, when we first met Marcos Croce, Silvia Barretto, and the family.   With quality control spearheaded by our dear friend, Felipe Croce, the attention to detail in terms of lot selection and separation is paralleled by few producers the world over.  We have sourced many different lots from their farm and many connected farms working under the FAF Coffees banner over the years.  As their knowledge and skills of organic farming and proper processing techniques continues to grow - most notably, selective picking and careful natural drying on raised beds - so does their network of other families’ farms that are working with FAF and adopting the same methods.  Coffees from this region are emblematically laden with chocolate aromatics, ripe red fruits, and soothing drinkability.  As we strive each year to strengthen relationships with our producers, we’re starting to dive a little deeper with the Croce family.  This year we are purchasing a lot of coffee comprised of growers from one single valley in the Caconde area.  In the future, we hope to continually expand our knowledge of Brazilian coffees and eventually start buying lots from single families.

The best explanation of this coffee was given to us from the FAF team: “Boa Vista Valley occupies a deep cleft in the mountains bordering the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. Located in the municipality of Caconde, it is an important watershed contributing to the Rio Pardo river from the natural springs that rise on the Bobolink farms of Boa Vista.  In Boa Vista we have the Jacon, Zani, and Dos Santos families; who have been living and farming the area for four generations.   Today, each have individual plots throughout the valley and collectively they care for the springs and streams that flow through their properties.  In 2008 they started working with FAF and João Hamilton of Sitio Canaã on a new coffee production model for the region.  Instead of selling their dried coffee to local buyers they work with João and FAF Coffees to raise the quality and think of coffee as a beverage and not a grain to be auctioned off. Taking control of the post-harvest processes and applying new techniques such as raised beds and careful turning allows the full potential of the coffee to come through. The families have used this period to improve the health of their coffee plantations maximizing the potential of the incredible terroir of the region.”

After multiple rounds of sampling - starting with our production manager, Tara Watkins, giving the Croce family a visit this past summer during harvest - we decided this coffee from Boa Vista Valley perfectly exemplified what we wanted when we thought of a FAF coffee.  Furthermore, we’re thoroughly impressed each year as our FAF offerings seem to just keep getting even cleaner and juicer.  This coffee is very balanced and approachable; it presents itself first and foremost with a comfortable, sweet, and rich mouthfeel.  The acidity is berry-forward but very structured and balanced.  Boa Vista is both an absolute joy to drink on its own and a perfect candidate for a splash of cream (if you enjoy dipping your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in milk, we would definitely recommend the second option). We’re tasting: chocolate, almond butter, nutella, grapes, and cherries.


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